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  Donny Brewer - Live Like Jimmy Buffett Donny BrewerBrewer's Trop Rock debut is a gem!
Album of the Week - Monday, July 21, 2014
Author: Alex John | Date: July 21, 2014

As far as debut albums go this is an absolute belter! Yes, ok Brewer has been around the music scene for the past 25 years but this little gem is his debut Trop Rock release and it's full of instantly singalongable (is that even a word!?!) tunes.

Of course a couple of tunes mention his holiness, heck Brewer's even named the album after him, but this is far from a Buffett tribute album. From classic Trop Rock, through Reggae and the beautifully quirky Fishin' On Credit this album stands on its own two feet and then some!

Brewer's been around the music scene for years from his teens in Rock bands, leaving art education to go touring in Country bands until family life came calling and he settled back down in Texas to run his own studio.

In all that time playing Rock, Country and Blues though he never really got a chance, or had the inclination, to pursue the Island side of things but encouraged by his wife Brewer set about creating some new Island and Trop Rock tunes.

Donny Brewer - Live Like Jimmy Buffett

"This is who I've been all along," he said. "Writing and recording Island, Trop Rock or whatever you wanna call it is natural for me. It's easy."

That easy attitude certainly comes across in the music, you feel Brewer actually could have been on the beach recording this album.

The album is full of great melodies; Island Time, A Little More Rum, Live Like Jimmy Buffet and if you're not whistling by the end of Fishin' On Credit I am going to come round and check you for a pulse!

Brewer took care of production duties at his own studio and being a multi-instrumentalist was able to play and sing all the parts too.

"With other music I always feel like I could've written it better, or done a better production or sang it better. I'm never quite happy with it, ya know. With this album it's like gravy. I hardly ever do a second vocal take. And it's like there's no rules. If I wanna throw in a goofy percussion part or change styles I can do that," he said.

This really is a great album, well written, well produced and very well performed. We're thrilled to feature it as our Album of the Week and Brewer certainly feels at ease with his new Trop Rock persona; "It's my music. It makes me happy. It makes me feel good. And hopefully it'll do that for other folks too. That would just be the icing on the...or the...lime on the margarita, or something!"

Well it certainly makes us happy and we think fully deserves our 5 out of 5 Palms rating as it's a must have for your collection. Hear tracks from the album throughout the week on Palm Tree Radio.

Donny Brewer - Live Like Jimmy Buffett

This really is a great album, well written, well produced and very well performed. You'll be listening to this one for a long time to come and for a real bonus pop along to for a free tune called Too Much Quetila. A fun Trop Rock tune and another worthy addition to your collection.

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